The State of Technology in Global Newsrooms

CERL, in conjunction with the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ), is engaged in studies that illuminate how media professionals and newsrooms worldwide have been adapting to the digital revolution. 

The research answers key questions: How have newsrooms globally changed as a result of digital technology? How have the roles of news organization employees changed as a result of technology? How are journalists harnessing social media to report stories? What interactive tools are journalists using to improve their reporting? How are newsrooms leveraging data and analytics? What structural changes are newsrooms undergoing to keep up with digital innovation? How are journalists dealing with the proliferation of misinformation in the media? 

The studies examine the emergence of new roles, structures, and hiring practices in newsrooms as they adapt to the digital era. They explore the specific roles technology is playing in newsroom operations, including its effect on workflows, distribution, storytelling, and audience engagement. The research identifies gaps in access to and use of technology among journalists and in newsrooms in specific countries. The studies have received funding from Google News Initiative, Fusion, Storyful, NewsCorp, and SurveyMonkey.

CERL Research