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About CERL

Formed at the nexus of academia and public policy, the Civic Education Research Lab (CERL) investigates the effectiveness of civic teaching and learning for elementary, secondary, and university students. CERL conducts research on programs and practices with collaborative partners in the field of civic education. We also examine civic engagement and discourse in the digital age.

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Our Projects

James Madison Legacy Project

The James Madison Legacy Project is a three-year nationwide initiative of the Center for Civic Education that aims to increase the availability and effectiveness of civics instruction in elementary and secondary schools. …

James Madison Legacy Project Expansion

The James Madison Legacy Project Expansion (JMLPE) seeks to improve professional development and instruction in the Center for Civic Education’s We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution curricular program. …

Project Citizen

Project Citizen will reach thousands of students to increase civic knowledge, skills, and dispositions. Project Citizen is an interdisciplinary curricular program that promotes competent and responsible participation in local and state government. …

Presidential and Congressional Academies

The Academies provide high-quality educational engagement in American history and civics. The Presidential Academy is for secondary school teachers, and the Congressional Academy is for high-need high school students. …

Media & Civic Engagement

Media and Civic Engagement is a program started by Dr. Diana Owen to educate students about the importance of media in the involvement of civic engagement. …

Civics in the Digital Age

CERL conducts research focusing on the role of education in the process of conveying digital civic competencies to students at the primary school, secondary school, and university levels. …

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